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Expert SAT instruction is available through private instruction only. Please contact me to set up a schedule. We'll cover every part of the exam, focusing on those areas in which you need the most help. The SAT is a very improvable test, but the process will go more smoothly, and much more quickly with the proper guidance. I got a perfect score on the exam, but what's more important is that I've helped so many others boost their score. I can help you too. Thanks!

Adam Groden

The secret to boosting SAT scores: Time.

Scores increase because people realize the

importance of the test and they put in the time needed. If you

want a great score, let's get started!

 Sign up today or find out more by calling

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College Essay

Advising Service.

Your essay can make the difference between "We regret to inform you . . ." and "We are pleased to offer you. . ." It makes sense to have a professional work with you on this crucial part of your application package. To learn more, click here.

Private Instruction for the SAT


$1500 for a package of 15 hours.

$100/hour for students taking the course.

$180 for 2-on-1 instruction.

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