Personal Test Prep for the

My name is Adam Groden. I've been teaching test preparation since 1991. I began as an instructor for The Princeton Review and later worked for Kaplan, Inc. While at Kaplan (the biggest name in the field), I became one of the top instructors in the company's flagship location in New York City, and was called on to teach at corporate classes held at Morgan Stanley, Bear Stearns, and other Fortune 500 firms. I was also in constant demand as a tutor. In addition, I have worked as a teacher-trainer in Kaplan's Tokyo and London offices.

As someone who writes test questions, I have insights that I can share with my students so they can avoid traps. I've written English, Math, and Science material for the Blended Assessment and Instruction Program used throughout Kansas. I've also written for McGraw-Hill, Castle Software, and Veritas Prep. In addition, I've authored 10 complete SATs for TIP, a test prep company in New Jersey.

I now teach test preparation in the Kansas City area and to students anywhere through online courses. Personal Test Prep is my business, but it's also something I love to do. Please call 816-516-2119 or email me with any questions you have. Your success is my success.

I'm incredibly happily married to my wife, Danna, and we have two extraordinary young children.

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